Ismael Morales
Curtice is a one stop shop for all things basketball. After playing against him recreationally I noticed he had extreme fundamentals in his game. I approached him to ask him a couple things about positioning and shooting. Little did I know he was an actual basketball coach. I signed up with a couple sessions instantly. He has helped me elevate my game to another level. Not only is he a great coach but knows how to convey things in a simple way to understand what one is doing wrong and how to correct it. I was quickly able to fix my positioning to increase my jump shot and have more confidence driving in the paint after 3 sessions! His prices are reasonable and he goes above and beyond to ensure you get the undivided attention you need. In only a month all my friends have noticed a huge different in my game. Even had the privileged to refer some friends to Curtice! If you are looking for a solid coach with great interpersonal skills, chose Curtice!
Will Sidner
Curtice is the man! In my 40’s, he’s not only improved my game but improved my conditioning. Couldn’t be a nicer guy and he simply knows the game. Highly recommend for your kids looking to elevate and compete.
Griffin Gause
Curtice is a great coach and mentor, with a great knowledge of the game of basketball. He has helped me with many things, on and off the court. I highly recommend Curtice to anybody who is trying to work on their game!
Splash Malone
Curtice basketball has been a godsend, A fun and competitive atmosphere based on development and growth. Most trainers say “ I can sell you on how to get to x level” while Curtice starts by helping you identify where you are now, set what you want to develop and provides you a structured path and opportunity to grow your game. Most trainers it ends after a session with Curtice he provides you chances to play and actually practice what you use with various hi level athletes. 10/10 would recommend Curtice. Very welcoming of international and domestic hoopers
K Garcia
Highly recommended!!! Curtice is exceptionally knowledgeable about all aspects of basketball. He is a great trainer to help you develop and improve fundamentally in areas like shooting, ball-handling, footwork, and defense. He also can enhance your knowledge of the game, game flow, court vision, etc., to make the most significant impact on the court.
Rose Schreder
Curtice is a professional, fun, experienced basketball coach. He has helped many kids, teens, and professionals with basketball training catering to their personal basketball goals. I would highly recommend Curtice to anyone looking for basketball training at any level. He is amazing!
Joseph Trejo
Coach Curtice was the perfect choice for my daughter! She was very comfortable and receptive of his training and instruction. I was thrilled to see her make basket after basket when applying his techniques. She’s very excited and can’t wait for her next session. They went over jump stops, pivots, dribbling, shooting, and footwork. He explains and demonstrates each technique making it easy for anyone to observe and learn. Don't ever be discouraged about your skill level. Curtice always pushes and encourages you to try your best, and appreciates your dedication.